Wednesday, November 08, 2006


will it never end?? I tried to stay up all night last night animating...but I just can't do it for more than 16 hours at a, my plan of action was to sleep from, like...2-5 everyday....and I tried that this morning, but ended up just making it to school on time....sooo..stay up as late as I possibly can every night, it is. That's the plan. Monday is my own deadline..I want to be done animating by then..but it's looming. I have lots to do...I have 7 or 19 scenes all done..and, surprisingly, I am not stressed at all about the other ones. They'll get done. It's not like I can work more than I already am...sooo..yeah. The scary thing is...the class before us just had their whole-film-done deadline today...and we're next!!! That is gonna come waaaaay too soon! Soo...back to work with me....Oh! Mom....thanks for the ebay book! I picked it up yesterday and had forgotten that it was coming, so i was happily surprised!! We all looked at it at school today...=) thanks!! happy night!

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Mom said...

Glad you enjoyed the book!! And glad it was a surprise