Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I was totally excited about coming home to animate, cuz I can kinda stay up longer if I listen to the tv while I draw...buuut....I forgot to bring paper home!!! silly me...so I gotta get up super early so I can finish my rough animation tommorrow........the film is lookin kinda cool all together!!...I am loving this band I just discovered, The Rocketship Summer...particularly their name, and this song; "Goodbye waves and driveways"...and boys make me smile...=) and some people at school have been really clingy and irritating, so I'm hoping I don't sound as bitchy to them as I feel like I sound..but, dude...I am so not the type of person who likes when people randomly stand behind me silently and just watch, or don't stop talking even when I've said, "okay..bye now." and am leaving. And especially when creepy people whom I don't want to talk to cuz they're clingy put a hand on my neck while attempting to talk to me. I'm fine with a hi/bye when I look like that's all I want to say...lol..ya know? Body language, dude. I know artists can be..weird...but there's a line, people..there's a line...lol...I guess maybe it all seems more annoying cuz I am busy...lol..let's just say; I like my class.... =) Getting my background paper in the mail soon!! Yay, arts and crafts!! he he...oh! also, I'm gonna finish this scrapbook-tin thing that i started a year ago when i got back from Mexico; it's full of seashells and awesome pictures of crabs we chased...figure, if I'm entering that contest, might as well do something I started already instead of doing a whole new thing...it's so cool....I'll post pics and animation soon! anyways, happy night!! =)


Mom said...

Silly girl!!

Mom said...

Guess what girl!!! Chromocolour is going to phone me next week when they get the light boxes in and then I can pick one up for you!!! So exciting.