Wednesday, November 01, 2006

can I stop time?

Really..i feel like even with an extra week it will be impossible to get my stuff done...well, not isn' just feels like it is today...argh! I just have to remember that...even though there is a "deadline"...that's not the be-all-end-all of it all...there's a few weeks of give in there...but my, I do have a lot to, we had production meetings, and the head of department said "wow, you set yourself up for a lot of work...". Then I realized, wow...I always do this. Always clean stuff up when i don't have to. Always do more projects than I have time to do. Always take the...long road, I guess. Maybe it's a good thing; doing more work....but it's really..hard. lol...At least i can watch Laguna and Top Model while animating tonight...hopefully that will work for me..=) Happy night....and happy belated candy day!! =)



Mandy said...

Your my bestest friend too....=)

When I was in school I wish I could stop time too.. I think it is because we both took the fast road in post secondary.....OH I got your card today LOVED IT...=) I love the granville fish..I wish we lived closer too...for now I can live with the hour long phone calls...=)...oh I seen your grandma today...she is so sweet...makes me miss my grandma.. I can't wait till you come home in Dec to... Tattoos....scared but can't ttyl

Michelle said...

he he...I was so amazed that I made a card that simple! But it was cute...don't be scared bout tatoos!! they're so fun....he he...anyways, can't wait til I visit!! Talk to ya soon, grrl!

Mom said...

I hope that Mandy realizes that the tatoo's are addictive!! hee hee!!! Have fun - love the simple card too, although Wayne said he was a bit disappointed that it couldn't sing and dance (just kidding). Love it - thank you!!!
How is the project coming???