Sunday, November 12, 2006

he he... little brother called me this morning...I'm still giggling about it...specially the part when I heard my mom say "okay, let me talk to her now"....followed by a "NO!" and a click. he he...silly boy...can't wait to see everybody in December!! My grrls, too...there's gotta be a girls night!! =) anyways, gotta get to school...but there's a Laguna marathon, so it's gonna be hard to rip myself away from it....hope everyone's good!


Mom said...

Hope you had a productive day!!!

Michelle said...

no....=( I tried...I think i know I have too much to do so i was jumping back and forth between everything and didn't finish a single thing...=( maybe tommorrow will be better!!

Mom said...

You are too much like me - avoidance is not a good thing. And know it has probably been dragging on too long and you might be a little bored with it - set your mind to it - and you'll be done - quicker than you think!!! So much like me.
Happy day!!