Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a new low...

Yes, Mtv, if possible..has hit a new low;

"Date My Mom"....the title of a show. Now, really, it isn't as bad as that sounds..but. My. All I have to say is cougars!! (Kay, what really happens is a guy dates three moms to find out about their daughters, and then picks which daughter he'd want to date based on their moms). Ha ha. Also, the other day, on an Mtv dating show...a girl said "I like dark complected guys." (erm, I believe she was talking about the dark in tall, dark and handsome). Hah. This is why I like Mtv; it never ceases to make me laugh and feel eons smarter.

Also, youtube Sucks!!! I've been trying to download my walk cycle for days and it won't let me. =( Sooo...no visual interest for my bloggity blog blog...=( Nuttin much new with me; officially a week and a half til all of our animation is supposed to be done....I think my class, collectively, has enough scenes to make one film...(sigh)...wish me luck!! =) Happy night..

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