Sunday, November 05, 2006

right now...

Things I am lovin; Apple-pears...i buy them every week...crunchy like an apple...the color of a pear...but tastes like both. yum! This band called Five Times August...a song called "Up to Me" has been played by me constantly for the last 24 hrs....bought an Edward gorey calender that is making me smile...(Edward gorey is a cool old dude who wrote morbid, happily-rhyming stories with disturbing but awesome illustrations...kind of pen and ink's kind of like Happy Tree can't look at it for too long cuz it makes ya crazy) Erm...saw more shirts with skellingtons on them at winners that i had to rip out of my own hands so as not to buy...same with coats. I love coats. But I have at least 10. No more for me. I also have almost filled up a whole the last two years. very funny to read the old stuff. Wanting to buy a new one...also, dying to read Margaret Atwood's new book...but hardcovers are so outrageously priced!! sounds like I just want to spend money...but I've been good....=) that's all...Again, check out the band. Five times august. Awesome...=) good night!!

*kay, I said band; but really, it's just this dude and his guitar. Very..Dashboard confessional. Which I love..=)

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