Friday, October 19, 2007


Duuude....finally got some yummy Hambly goodness in the mail yesterday! I love it, but it's hard to find a place that will ship to Canada for less than a small costs like $20 from the Hambly sight for like 7 transpaarencies.....geesh! Anyways, thanks 2Peas...(sigh) I totally forgot it was coming, too..yay! Happy surprises! Also: MM Noteworthy stuff totally rocks, too!
So big announcement: Whew! I have a job on Monday....super-crazy, last minute, unexpected job! I'm gonna stay where I am in the studio and instead of doing AfterEffects, I'll be movin on to Junior Revisionist on Pucca (Season 2)...yay! And thank god! Huuuge load off my shoulders!! No job search, enough money to fly down to see family for Christmas, maybe, my god - go out for dinner with Z, which, believe it or not, we've never done since we started dating (we've gone for drinks, sure...) So, again, whew! So thankful to the animation gods...Feeling very lucky, very very lucky and thankful that this year has gone by without a hitch!

I think shoes are conspiring against me: yesterday, I found runners in my closet that I thought were worn in and I ended up with bleeding feet when I got home...Argh! Double argh! I watched Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal" last week and was totally stunned...for the 80's, it was a freakin awesome movie! The effects were cool...the design of the puppets was astounding - seriously, their costumes..(sigh)....really cool...! Surprised I haven't seen it before! Stop motion festival is a go! We're getting a team together and about to sign up, then we have to think of possible stories an stuff and practice/learn stop motion. he he...I'm totally dying to enter every contest..Oh! Speaking of, made it to the 3rd round of Last Scrapper Standing! This challenge is gonna be super-tough: use ribbon...tons of a new way.....eeek! So excited, though...Dying to go thankful I can actually afford shoes without holes, and a coat that is not a rain-absorbing hoodie...yay! Dying to shop, just dying! Annnnd...I a total dork and went antique shopping on my lunch break...he he....I'm like an old I'll show you my finds tommorrow! Also, new Scrapmojo challenge goes up tommorrow, so stay tuned!

Without further Ado, My October Scrapmuse stuffs:

Thanks for peeking! =) I would explain what's what, but you get the gist: some pics from France, lots of walnut ink and splashed paint..embroidery thread...etc. =) lol..It's such a monster post! Sorry guys! Happy day to everyone!


Marie said...

Love the layouts! Love that you dont have to job hunt lol! And most of all I love the dark crystal....I have the special edition dvd. I cant believe u have never seen it!! Jim henson is sooo awesome. I love the muppets and fraggle rock.

Michelle said...

HAMBLY HABIT! Looks like you've got it. So pretty pretty! Come visit and we'll buy lots of it ;0). I think I recognize that paper to the far right in something I just used.

YAY for LSS round 3. I looked for you but couldn't find it on the list. Thrilled that you made it!

I think sewing buttons on a journaling tag is such a fun idea. Scraplifting that!

Congrats on finding the job, you amaze me! I've been looking for 5 months and can't find a darn thing!

I can't believe you haven't gone to dinner. Not even to fast food????

tyreiko said...

Wow, you work on Pucca? That is cool! Just found your blog recently! Fun! TFS!

Laura said...

Hello Michelle! i just wanted to say how much I looooooove your work! I really enjoy looking at everything that you have created.

I am quite new to scrapbooking.. have only finished about 14 layouts now, i think... and definitely well on my way to finding my own style, which looks to be quite freestyle :). +smile+, even though now i am still doing a fair bit of variety. And i have just started working on my first mini chipboard book. Yippee! :)

Anyway, i will definitely keep reading your blog and learning from your amazing creations.

Valley Girl said...

Congrats!!!!!! And beautiful work, btw!

Anette S said...

Oh, I love finding new blogs to put on my stalking list! This is the first time I've stumbled upon your blog. You are an amazing scrapbooker! Really inspiring! I'll stay here a little longer and listen to all the pretty songs you have here and come by regurlary to se your ART! Have a great sunday!

Barbara said...

awesome layouts and congrats on the job!!!! your work is amazing

Tina said...

oohhh...have fun with the new goods! Shipping SUCKS, I know this.
Congrats on the new job too ;) and good luck!y

Sharmaine said...

Hi Michelle, just popped over to say hi. Wish I had come visit before! Love your lo's and yum to your mail!! have fun playing with it all!!!

Jill Deiling said...

these layouts are awesome!!