Monday, October 22, 2007

..A Scrapbooking Machine

...has inhabited my body. I went a little crazy this weekend - well, a whole lotta stuff done, and I think it's cuz my new stuff was so..well, new...and fun...he he...=)

This one was for a challenge over at SIS tv last week: (was feeling very fortunate in wake of the job...)

This one is the Scrapjack of Dina Wakley...her style totally rocks, I couldn't resist! This page is feelin pretty simple for me...but I wanted to pics to speak for themselves....=)

I also got that Scrapmojo page done, started my LSS #3 challenge (ribbon, ribbon, ribbon! Thank god I hoard!! lol) and did a page for Ali Edwards' challenge at SIS, which I'll post tommorrow....I sense a new love of green and brown, anyone else? pics to come..antique find pics to come, too..I can't bombard you with too mcuh to see at once, can I?? he he....Have to say, I can't stop thinking about buying boots, now...but I have the worst luck cuz my calves are so never zip up..and it was sweeet to have a coat to walk to work in...aaaah...Watched "the English Patient" last night...pretty good, but sad, tragic love story....and, of course, lotsa Fosters..yay! Oh! And thanks for all the cool comments, guys! I try to check out everyone who leaves a comments' blog, too, cuz it's so fun to find new art and new artsy people...=) he thanks! Happy day everybody!


Valley Girl said...

I know I always say this, but you're so amazingly creative!

Sharmaine said...

Oh Yummy layouts!! love the green and brown.. hoping to get me some green cos I am having withdrawals!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog ;)

Jennifer said... can bombard me with layouts 'cuz they are all off the chain cool!!! omg!!! love your jack!!! you pretty much rock my world girly!!!

Holly said...

Love, love, love your new stuff!

christiane said...

your biggest fan from germany is speaking: please keep on your rocking work!! ;))
love the colors and the style here!! hugs

Mom said...

Love the pages girl!! You got a lot done.

Cheryl Wray said...

GREAT pages!!!

Michelle said...

You did get a lot done and oh so pretty! I'm totally digging green and brown too. Loving the Hambly goodness. Who made the green pp from the "sigh" lo? I think the photos on that lo are beautiful.

What's crazy is that I just watched the English Patient for the first time last Friday! Freaky.

Dina said...

netThanks for the shout inspire ME. Fantastic stuff.