Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Love equation....

So, I'm feeling a little Valentinesy...and I realized I forgot to mention back on my birthday that it was a year ago that day that Z gave me a bottle of wine. =) Moreso, that Z continued to try to get me to go out with him. And what did I do? Did I say we should go out and have a drink? No. Did I say we should share the bottle? No. Picture Amelie in the restaurant when she finally gets the guy to come meet her and then she shakes her head and melts into a puddle on the's me. I was totally crushing on him...but my birthday last year was literally the night before my film was due, and I believe I was taking a quick catnap on the computer desk when Z came in...and there was no sleep in sight for me that night due to so much work I had to do, I couldn't even think about drinking wine that night. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! So about a month later....around now, a year ago, Z (on the brink of giving up on me, after asking me several times to go out...always hearing "no, I'm too busy, man!) finally says "Now that you're not busy, we have to go out for some drinks." So I, having another Amelie moment when she's watching the "just go get him!" the same. finally... I was like, "oh yeah, I don't have anything to do." And we went out. And we clicked. And now I can't imagine not having talked to him a year ago...(sigh) ....And thus, the love equation.

The gist of that is: I feel like a lot of non-traditional love-story movies I've been seeing lately really center around, "you meet who you're supposed to meet." And it's true, I think...=)

Aren't I just a ball of mush?? he he...So the love equation is the newest challenge over at Mojo:
Well, you can use any equation...and some red. But I picked a love equation...=) This is the first wedding pic I scrapped, and it's my fave..he he....And that doily was sent to me by Volia, Tzanko's mom...handmade by his grandma (she said I could scrap with it...yay! lol)'s just gorgeous! I didn't cut or glue it or anything, cuz it's just too nice to do that! =) Also, Mojo has a new header: I was messing around with my photoshop skills and wanted to help Marie with her site go check out the new look! I just love pin-up girls on the sidebars =)

Hmm..what else? Last day of work tommorrow...Literally, I am dyin for a week of daytime tv and pj's and walks. Nothing, I am dying to do nothing. But I somehow got so busy that I don't think I can have nothing for at least 2 steady weeks...argh. This makes me grumpy. lol...I feel like I've been going nonstop since, let's see..before film school started: February 2006? yeah. No breaks, man. Even France was not much of a break (awesome, but there wasn't a second that wasn't planned or full of work). Soon..sooon. Just need to tell myself that.

Oh! Got some cool news from Scrap Happy Kt, too! Yay! Thanks girls =) They sponsored the challenge at OLW not too long! I usually have the worst luck with those challenges!

And thanks for peeking at my shoppe and leaving all the fab comments!! You guys are the best - your sweet words always make me smile!! happy day! =)


Marie said...

Love ur page and ur lil story of u and z meeting is adorable! Love the header my dear! Its soooooo awesome! Thanks for it!!

elizabeth said...

oh i love your story!
and i think you're right, you meet who you're supposed to meet :)

love the mojo lo and can't wait to get started on mine. i have two completely different ideas really, and hell, i just might do em both!

hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Love the page - it is great. You mushy thing!!! hee hee
Survivor night
Love Mom

Chrissy Le said...

Oooooooh, I love your newest layout, spectacular as always!!! The colors are incredible!

Jill Deiling said...

aww, that story about you and z is sooo CUTE!! your lo and story has totally inspired me to want to dig into my old pics of john and I and scrap some mushy layouts! :D

Tina said...

you'll meet who you're supose to that. It's so very true. I loved that layout you did, that photo is beautiful and personal. thanks for sharing :)
TGIF! Have a great week off!!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE your blog banner!!!!

As always, you rocked the Mojo challenge...that is such a great photo you used! Aren't the candid photos the best?


micayla said...

What a cute story and love the page girl!

Holly said...

I love that story about you and Z! How sweet! Thanks so much for sharing. And, you DO meet who you're supposed to true, so true! :0)

Anonymous said...

Love this layout!