Thursday, April 26, 2007

oh my garsh...

....I get a few days off!! Here I was thinking I'd have to wait til, like..August for a day off...and the girls are coming, so I am just being forced (against my will...heh) to take the weekend will a girl survive?? he he...

...on the bright side (?), I have 30 seconds of animation left to do before my deadline next week...which, a lot and I'm a teeny bit behind...and more things-to-do keep popping up, like "you have to pick up mail downtown on the lunchhour that no longer exists".....heh. French Consulate today, too....and my Girls are coming!! But I'm feeling a little accomplished, and every time I don't...or feel like I'm animating at the pace of grass growing, I remind myself that 4 months ago I had never even seen the computer program I am it's all good when you put it in perspective...=)

So, yay to a weekend of chatting and sangria...and yay that I slept the whole night last night....and yay that I can forget I have tons of stuff to do til Monday!! who-ho!

Happy day!

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Anonymous said...

Aww have a great weekend with your Girls! :o)