Friday, April 27, 2007

I've been tagged.....

By Tammy......=) Which is a cool procrastination add-on as I sit here at my desk this morning....=) yay! So thank ya, girl...

So here, 7 random things about myself:

1) I am super-quiet. But not. When I first meet people, don't get me wrong, I'm friendly...but I am so quiet...even more so I used to be painfully quiet when I was a kid, like I wouldn't want to order food on my own from snack bars and stuff...=) Eventually, til ya get to know me...I'm quiet. And then, once you know me, it's like...."When will she ever stop talking??" ha ha...Z is finding this out, he always laughs cuz it's like I don't stop talking when I see him for at least an hour straight, as opposed to before we started dating and I would run into him at school and all we said for months was just "hi". =) So I consider myself a loud quiet person...makes sense, yeah?

2) I am super-stubborn (your tag answers reminded me, Tammy..he he)...when I was little and now...I want to do what I want to do how I want to do it...=) I used to be so bad when I was like 16.....and I don't like when people tell me that my way of doing something is wrong...cuz that's how I'm gonna do it and you better not try to get in the way....unless you;re my boos or something....I will never cave on an argument, either....I used to like arguing with people (that's weird, I know..) I know I am wrong sometimes, I'm not saying I think I'm always right...I'm just so stubborn that I will not budge until I see for myself that it's not right...heh...and poor mom, my little brother is exactly like me..=) he he

3) I used to dance ballet for....erm, 8 years? I started when I was 4 and danced until I was 12...until it was no longer "fun", and they were forcing us to decide if we were really serious and wanted to do ballet 12?? come I stopped dancing....and it wasn't just the flighty, fun type of was the strict, you-take-exams and practice 4 times a week type of dancing....I had one teacher who used to make us do the splits straight up against a wall for a half-hour as a warm-up..and he used to make fun of my hands and stuff...he was horrible! You couldn't have one hair out of place....but it was lots of fun until i got older; all the dances and performances, all the same girls in my class for years....I'm so happy I did it, but it feels like it was a lifetime ago...(sigh)

4) I am the queen of starting things and not finishing them...the queen. I have projects from 4 years ago that I just came across, and when i started them, seemed like good ideas...but now...there's no way I want to finish them...he he. I have piles of unfinished projects. I think mostly it's because I get bored....not bored, I just have too many ideas at once, and I want to start them all while I have them fresh in my head, and jump back and forth between them, and
get them all done, but I am constantly having new ideas, so this doesn't work very efficiently at all. Which brings me to another point; I would never get anything done if it weren't for deadlines.

5) I was in advanced english in "AP" other words, a class for *gasp* nerds. he he....but, I mean, it wasn't like I was in advanced math, or class was super tiny, and we had the same people/teacher for all 3 years of highschool...and I think I was one of the "cool" ones in the class, cuz I was always talking about my guitar playing, I didn't know who half the authors some people talked about were, and I got to write as much poetry as I wanted, which was all the time, then...Also, I knew the teacher so well that I got to exercise a little stubborness; ie) he would ask me "And what do you think about that passage, Michelle?" and I could be like, 'Honestly, nothing, it sounds good but my head is completely blank." and he was cool with that...awesome. Also, I didmy final project on Kurt Cobain and the history of Grunge Rock..while everyone else did, like..The Bronte sisters...ha ha. So cool...=) Plus I can write a mean you can see, this post is turning into one...hah

6) I like a lot of bright shiny new things all at once; like, if I'm going to clean my house, I need the whole thing to be clean...or if I want to buy new towels, I need to buy a whole set of new towels....or all the seasons of sex and the city all at once...or my apartment done and decorated all finished at the same time...and I like it done fast...again, it's weird, I know...

7) and last but not least....I have little mini-obsessions. Like, I fall in love with something, talk about it constantly for a few days, an then find a new mini-obsession..this can be anything from "I can't wait til I move", to the new Hinder song, to going shopping, to going to work to eat chocolate, to watching "the science of sleep" over and over...usually it's accompanied by an 'I'm so excited...dah duh dah dah' =)...(My mom does this, too...saying 'I'm so excited' he he...we are so much alike, mum!)

Okay, okay....I've blogged enough for one day...feel like ya know me better?? I hope so...he he...we all have our little quirks....So now I have to tage some people, and they have to blog their 7 random things:

And if you read this, and you have a blog..consider yourself tagged...=)

That's all the people I can think of this morning...he he....anyways, off to cartoons I go!
Only 26 more seconds to animate! Whoop! Happy day..=)


Tonya said...

Hi Michelle,

Stopped by from 2peas, I totally dig your style!

Have a nice weekend!!

Tonya said...


my 2peas is tpea13. i was on hiatus for a long time while i went through some crazy life stuff but i have been getting back in the groove. nice to meet cha'.


Mom said...

Nice to hear all that stuff - your getting older - some of it seems to be so far away (and yet so near - with your brother)
But it is all good - it's got you where you are today!!

Natalie said...

Hey! I totally loved # 3 & 4 becaue I can relate to them. I definitely had some mean ballet teachers back in the day. And I am also queen of starting things and not finishing them. I am soooo bad at that. Which reminds me that I have 3 mini-books to finish! Better get on that.