Tuesday, April 24, 2007

so much...

....for not blogging...he he

..that's the bad part about working on a computer...(sigh)

Anyways...Yay, France!
That is still my big news...I'm going Thursday to the French consulate to sign some forms so I can get my flights booked...he he....so giddy about the whole thing still!! It'll be a little tough, though..losing 3 weeks of pay...but I'm going there for almost a month!! Wow!!
So the deal with France is that I had applied for the oppurtunity to go before I graduated from film school, and they were going to pick one student from my school to join a bunch of other film students in France to tour around some animation schools....and so I get to go!! I have never been overseas, so I'm even more excited! =) And I haven't officially posted my film(s) yet, but my classical film is on my art blog (go to view my profile and you can see both of my blogs) if you want to see...I'll post more about the film later, though, when I get to that part of the list...=)
Other than that....I am struggling right now to meet my quotas at work and sleep at the same time, (ie: I turned my alarm off this morning, thank god I woke up..) and do all the other stuff I have to do still...like switch all my stuff over from Alberta to here...and see muh guy (good thing he's as busy as me, makin his film...) and dreaming of applying for more scrapbook DT goodness...

And does anyone watch "The Hills"?? I think it's just me...but if you do....why did Heidi move in with Spencer?? argh..I was yelling at my tv last night re: the finale. Argh...stupid girl!

...and I'm so excited for the girls to visit!!

...and I have not taken a lunch break in a week and a half now, but just noticed everyone around me also never takes lunch breaks...hmm. Don't feel so bad about having so much work....=) I am not alone! he he...happy day!


Mom said...

Hope you pack a good lunch!!! hee hee

Jocko said...

Je suis tres envieux.
Congratulations, Michelle - and when you're there, please say hello to some bread and chocolate for me.

tammy kay said...

love what your mom said.

congrats on the trip to france. I would be freakin' out!

Get some rest.

tammy kay said...

hey your layout is on the front page of the ck website. congrats.