Thursday, April 19, 2007


Must...get...motivated. My mind is going a hundred miles a minute trying to figure out when all my schtuff will get done, but when I sit down to do it....nothing. Well, something. But nothing fast. With many distractions...

...the stomach flu is going around work. I'm not one for hand sanitizer, but I am not getting sick again, and especially not with the stomach flu, so I'm religiously using the stuff...the weather here is wacko; so windy it breaks your umbrella one second, super sunny why'd-you-wear a hoodie weather in the afternoons...My grrls are coming to visit next week!! Super-excited to see them...I lost a coveted skull shirt, so now I am even more dying to go shopping...=) Umm. That's all that's new...I have to animate all day and night until the girls come next Thursday, see how much Design Team stuff I can squash in there, plus I have to work both days this weekend (dying for a day off = quitting the second job), and clean and eat and laundry, and change my bank over from Alberta, and forms, and address changes, and I really, really, badly need to build this tiny pirate ship in a clay pot. Really badly. he he..really. That is the only thing I want to do right now of that whole list of stuff...Now if only I was so motivated to work at night....=) Happy day to all, anyways...will post a picture of the pirate ship if I make the time later...heh.

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Mom said...

Sounds l'ke you'll meet all your deadlines - you are always best under pressure. nothing like your mama.
Life is good - we try to do a movie this afternoon with the boy - Happy Feet - but he got scared - didn't like the dark or the noise - but actually said "I want to go home" - great words!!! that part was excited