Saturday, April 21, 2007

A (naughty) Dare

....the dare girls have done it again; Dare awesomeness. This one was sponsored by Asta Arts, who sells kick ass tattoo stamps, which I scooped up immediatley...I couldn't help myself, really...Skull and pirate ship stamps? Soooo cool. Also so cool that the Dares are every second week, now, cuz they're always so awesome and I never have time in just one week to do, yay! And the Dare:

"Naughty girls need _______, too."

...and, because I hear 'You look too sweet to have tattoos', etc. etc. at work all the time. And cuz I seem sweet sweet as pie, My fill in the blank was:

"Naughty girls need to look a little sweet and innocent, too."

Thus, my page, which also happens to have everything Fancy Pants (pretty much..) on it....and a cool skull foam stamp from Micheal's. =)

And yes, those same damn self-portraits that are waiting for me to order pictures still so I can stop using them for DT assignments when I have no other adaptable pictures. Oy.
Pictures of my little place....well, parts of it...coming soon. Maybe tommorrow, cuz I'm too impatient and sleepy to upload em now. =) Happy night!

1 comment:

tammy kay said...

Love how you put a spin on the sweet things in your life. The sweetness of the fancy pants with the naughty look of the tattoo stamp. Okay I so just jacked your saying on your layout.
It just works girl. And I hear the same thing all the time. People can't believe I am a mommy and have a tattoo. LOL.
If they only knew.