Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I feel like I am comin down with something!! I could not wake up this morning...and when i did, I'm pretty sure I had dreamsof animating horribly, and then I thought it was staurday once I opened my eyes...and I've had the worst headache all day that even Chiro couldn't take away...=( It sucks!! And I feel unmotivated...unmotivated to animate, but I have to whether I feel like it or not..lol.....I think the unmotivation is just a side-effect of feeling like crap, though...I just need to sleep for a whole day, I think..and my subconcious knows it...but I can't...I have to have some animation done by Friday...cuz deadline is a week away from then, and, though these crazy deadlines really are impossible, unless ya have like..1 scene...I will still try to make it...(sigh) but I will for sure get sleep, cuz today sucked! Buut...on the bright side.....I'm going to see the Nutcracker in December with my mom and sister!! Soo excited! love the ballet (in part cuz I danced it for..8 years?) should be awesome...and Moose told me that Motley Cru and Aerosmith were coming here on tour in Dec, which would be sooo cool...buuut...no money, and definatley no time...=( How awesome would that be?? anyways...back to work for me..=) Hope everyone's good..

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Mom said...

Hope your feeling better girl. Did not want to call you when we got in last night because it was too late and thought you might be in bed. The hockey game was awesome, Na was good - Brody good!!
Miss you.