Monday, October 23, 2006

The OC needs more than a county fair..

Honestly, I really have to stop watching Mtv, cuz "the only thing I'm worried about is losing my morals and my shoes..last time I lost my shoes." is the quote they keep playing every commercial break for the next Laguna show. And I, Laguna is a reality tv show, and it's at about the same intellectual level as the cashmere cow they really aren't making this lack of...common sense (?) up. he he...I thank my lucky stars that there's more to me...cuz you can be wearin Gucci and have a stylist, but it doesn't matter either way cuz you'll still look stupid if you are...(buut..i have to admit, i like Laguna. Lack of better tv, and/or laughing at the exact reason that this commercial is so funny..)

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Mom said...

Funny is right!!! How is your week going. We are off to the flames game tonight - Nabomb is babysitting. Getting some of that animation done.