Sunday, October 22, 2006

wow.... actually feels like I had a weekend!! (thanks to my mom..she flew in on Friday night) We did a little shopping, had some McDonalds breakfast...went to Granville, hiked back up the hill to my place with two chickens, 2 bags of fresh veggies, and our shopping stuff...saw a few of the awesome old heritage houses that are hidden downtown...(I always try to walk on new streets whenever I go somewhere so I can check em out)...then roasted 2 chickens with all the fixins (mashed potatoes, gravy, etc.) for a belated thanksgiving dinner...and Cindy and Alison came over...had a nice visit with them...and we literally watched the fog roll in last night; I looked out the window at this giant black cloud coming in from over the ocean, literally just took over the whole sky in seconds and you couldn't see anything out my windows all night!! wish I tok pictures..and then mom filled my freezer up (and I have literally never seen my fridge so full), and was off early this morning...sooo, I went back to bed for a few hours and actually did nothing until 1...which hasn't happened in a looong time...sooo..Thank you mom!! Thanks for everything! And for making me take a day off (albeit, a busy day...but a fun one..) =) and I have been drawing my lip sync assignment all day, and am just realizing that it won't be done, thus adding to the list I already have to catch up'll be all good..I just won't be home all week...again...sooo..Mandy!! Thank you for the goodies!! you spoiled me..and I will call you as soon as I can!! =)Back to work for me....=)

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Mom said...

It was so much fun to be there - glad your fridge and freezer are full. At least you're well rested and fed (hee hee) for your busy week. Hope it was worth it. Miss you lots already - just think - lots of hard work - 2 weeks off at XMAS and the ballet.
Have a great week!