Friday, October 20, 2006


...Cute is what we aim for "Curse of Curves" and "Fourth Drink Instinct". Still love Hinder. Sabrina Ward Harrison (just got one of her books...sooo inspiring!) Addicted to Edward Gorey. Jackass. Leaves blowing all over the ground. Designing my tatoo. black pen. Rough animation. Still love my cow...=) Ca61's films! Cheap chocolate. Banana-bread candle burning. Mtv. Wanting to make art. To splat some paint and tell some stories. 6 blankets piled on my bed. Beer. Directing. Curious George. One (easy) scene signed off today. A second to breathe. Day off tommorrow! My film is too long. Makes me wanna do it more, though! Not enough time in a day...=) Happy....

(Paper art above, by Sabrina Ward Harrison)

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