Tuesday, October 03, 2006

love the lil mermaid....

....but the only thing I don't understand is....At the beginning, when Ariel and Flounder are being chased by that shark....Flounder, the fish, has a hell of a time getting through that whole in the ship...but Ariel, with her curvy hips and giant hair, just slips right on through with room to spare...I do believe her hips would be wider than a small fish. Hmm. Never noticed that before....Anyways; Layout. Necessary phone calls. Chiro. Kitchen full of dishes. Moving questions. Dope Sheets. Laundry. Acceptance. This is my night. Singing along to my fave disney songs. =) Hoping Mandy is having an awesome time in D-land. Trying not to look at apartments cuz I can't move for a while. Thinking of who I could live with....Anyone know anyone who wants to live in downtown Van. in the new year? I have too much time til that happens, shouldn't be thinking about it...Oh! off to watch the special dvd features....=) Everyone have a good night!


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Your cousin said...

Hey Cuz!! Just went and saw "open season" with mom, matt and tay!!! It was awesome! you'd like it! Have fun and stop worryin'.. it'll work itself out!