Monday, October 02, 2006


No time to think around here....let alone blog....I had a great weekend with Paul, everyone asked me how it went today...and it was awesome...we are great...cept...we will probably not be great...cuz we don't know what's goin on in a few months when I have to stay here...which is sad. So last night was really sad...for both of us...and, yeah. I am the point where I know I'll be okay no matter what happens...I don't know what I want to do please no one ask me....=) he he...I have not had much time to think about it anymore though...I mean, I think about it, but I also have a list a mile long to do and think about as well, like, 19 scenes have to be all laid out and clean by next wednesday...and I work this weekend, and I somehow have to plan what I'm going to do in a few months in..where I will live when my lease is up...sooo...Mandy, still thinkin bout vancouver?? he he...(she probably won't even read this..she's goin to disneyland tommorrow...lucky girl!!! I am so jealous...) I am surprisingly not stressed and okay, though...I have to think about which kind of wood grain to draw tonight, and not about a few months from now....anyways, hope everyone's good! I've been so busy, I'll try to keep ya updated...Oh! And happy birthday to my cuz Lisa (her birthday was on Saturday..Lisa, I called your cell and left a message..hopefully ya still use that phone Little Mermaid comes out tommorrow!!!! Oh my gosh, so excited!!! I can't wait to see all the cool bonus stuff...concept drawings, storyboards...there better be some of that for the crazy price they charge for those dvds....Oh, and saw jackass 2 this weekend....geesh..those guys....doin crazy gross stuff....I still love it the best when they get the old-man makeup done...anyways, gtg back to layout...=) Hope everyone is good! =)


Mandy said...

hey hey I'm still I would love to move out to Van....but my bills and Chuck are holding me my mom is like "you can't move that far way..." then she saids when are you moving out....??? crazy
my work is shit out of lucky when I'm gone there needs to be 4 people on a day and 2 on the weekends and they only have 3 people.....?? I wonder how that is going to work....but no time to think about that when I'm in the happiest place in the world... =)well hope you story board is coming along great...gtg pack...
I'll call you on the 12th that is when I get back.....OH if you have any time you can e-mail me at my hotmail cause I'm bring me laptop....ttyl LULASNJLAF

Lisa said...

Thank you, thank you! birthday was pretty good and yes, that is still the right number, I'll give you the Vic one in a couple weeks!!
PS - Vic's always an option!!

Mom said...

Don't fret girl!!! Life has a way of getting your soul where it needs to be. Remember that if it is meant to be, it will be - (sometimes that could take much longer than we think it should) Just be true to yourself, and life will be good to you - we can't always plan the next step - it will happen all on it's own. Enjoy your project - it is so exciting.
Lov ya (all of us)

P.S. You may want to talk to Allie about getting a 2 bedroom together down the road also!!

Michelle said...

hi mom..I got your message this morning (I think your phone call woke me up)...I might be home tonight cuz i have chiro and then I'm gonna watch little mermaid!! yay! anyways, I'm not so'll all be good...and I was thinking of seeing if Allie wanted to move...hmm...I'll have to ask her later....anyways, so excited for when you visit!! =) Talk to ya soon

Mom said...

Can't wait to see you!! So excited!!! I will call you tonight - Little Mermaid - so exciting
Love Ya