Tuesday, October 03, 2006

just another note...

I am not worried, guys. I know everything happens for a reason, and it makes me very optomistic very fast. I know I will not live by a dumpster feverishly trying to animate on flattened garbage bags. And, yes, I am still watching Mermaid. The concept art is sooo cool, and Glen keane is my god. And I am also dreaming about working here and oh, how I hope 2D disney returns to Canada one day. Disney fever over here...geesh. That animation stuff just makes me so happy..=) And Paul and I, well...we talked like the friends that we always were tonight. And I got awesome marks back today for last term, despite having missed a few assignments by that good ol mark deadline. And now, I will watch Curious George. And do dope sheets. =) Don't you worry about me. =p

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Mom said...

It will all work out Michelle - just think the first priority is the next 5 months - schooling - then the whole world opens up to you!!! So much fun.
Luv ya - glad you enjoyed the little mermaid. Your sister is off to see the Rolling Stones this weekend.