Thursday, October 05, 2006

my leica reel

Hey guys! This is what I worked on for a few weeks until about..Friday. This is basically my film from start to finish; just not animated yet. We make a storyboard, then shoot it and edit it to plan the whole thing out before even getting close to animating...The first pan (the part where the camera moves at the beginning) is super fast, so I have to fix that, but otherwise, that is my film. I know some vfs-ers like to keep theirs secret til grad, but...I want you guys to see what I've been up to and what I've gotten myself into animation-wise! Ahh! =)


Mom said...

Love the cow!! And the kids are awesome with the big eyes!!

Mom said...

I had to watch it again!!! Love it!!
Who is your biggest fan-hee hee!!

Emy Jo said...

Your reel is GREAT!!!! I love it!!!! And holy cow, your boards are SO CLEAN and so well done. Congratulations!

I wish I had some money, because I'd say that we should go get new tattoos.