Saturday, October 07, 2006


...took a slight break from layout last night..went home at 9 instead of 1am....did some therapeutic scrapbooking (art journal pages..very personal, or else I would post em) and watched one of my fave movies; Crazy/beautiful...damn that boy (jay hernandez) is cute...and kinda slept in this morning. Was nice to actually get more than 4 hours of sleep...ahhh...& I am lovin Ugly Betty..which, cuz i don't have cable *sniff*, I taped so I could have something to's so "Devil wears Prada"...which is funny...that's about all that's new....I'll be at school all weekend, cept for Monday, when I have to work for a few hours and then go to school..(sigh) I did get 3 of my 19 scenes done yesterday, though...and all of the other ones have at least been started...but that Wednesday deadline is I gtg!

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Mom said...

It will be a great weekend for you!! Get lots done - not missing much here - Na & Jeremy are gone so we are doing dinner next weekend, and then again in Vancouver - the weekend after!! Cannot wait!! Miss you - will call you later tonight!!
Glad you enjoyed some scrapbooking!!
Love ya