Saturday, October 14, 2006

so...I was quickly at home after work for like 5 seconds making actual meal..ahhhhh...and I resorted to watching *gasp* MTV..cuz, well..I don't have cable, but still get channel 90, for some reason..and they have this show called "next", kind of like elimidate, if anyone remembers that show..but..worse. 5 people sit on a bus waiting to meet this 1 person on a date, and they go out one after the other, and the person they're going to meet can "next" the one that goes out at any time and just move on to the next person. Usually this happens when they don't like what they see when they meet eachother...or even before they get to meet eachother. Yes, before hello is even said, sometimes, people get "next-ed"..And so today, one guy "nexts" one of the girls before she even walks all the way up to him...and then says, "She's just not my type". And one of my most giant pet peeves EVER!!! So i had to write about it;

When people say they have a "type", the really are just....stupid. And superficial. Because types don't exist!!! Really, if you say you like, for example, tall blonde girls with blue eyes...all tall blonde girls with blue eyes in the whole wide world do not have exactly the same interests/ fact most would have nothing in common, therefore they are not the same "type". Types totally don't exist. Too much diversity. Which is awesome...These people who say that they do have a type are just overly picky. Why would you take a chance at missing out on an awesome person cuz they didn't meet a certain height criteria? Or because they had half a missing toenail? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Well..that's how types sound to this made an ounce of sense. It really bugs me, man. Picky superficial people. anyways...a friend just asked me if this happened to me, and no. it was from mtv. lol...i would be scared for the person who ever says this to me.....=) school..gotta get to work...3 more scenes to do and I'm done!!! hope all is good..mandy, I'll call you tomorrow!!


Mom said...

3 scenes left girl - amazing - almost there - at least with this project

Mom said...

If you did not get my phone message - this is sunday afternoon - before heading off to school - call me!!! ASAP. Got some good flight deals, but you would have to leave either saturday 16th at night - for $65 versus $152 - or sunday am (stops in Kelowna) - or monday anytime for $65. Return - no deals - but want to catch the one way deals!!!