Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I see dead people!!

well..I am going to see dead After lunch (did they do that on purpose??) the story is; a few classes of us vfs-ers are going to Science World and the exhibition they have there right now is called body's a bunch of real people, skinned, preserved, etc. and put on display so we can check out the muscles and all that good stuff...really good for anatomy, and we're going there to draw..but I'm a lil freaked, excited and freaked out...Annnd guess who's still not done layout?? If I didn't need to sleep ever, and if it wasn't boring as hell, and if I didn't save my 2 hardest pans for last, I'm sure I would be done...adn I will be. Tonight. Then, I animate like a crazy woman! who-ho! =) I have never been so happy to animate before in my life than I will be when layout is over!!
Wish me luck! =)

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Mom said...

You shouldn't procrastinate when your bored. Just get it finished and we can party on the weekend!!! Hee Hee!! Enjoy the dead people and have fun!!