Sunday, October 29, 2006


Why must amazon torture me by releasing every season of every one of my favorite shows from every year since I was born?? there are at least 10 pages of products for every week of every month of dvd seasons being released; everything from strawberry shortcake to 90210 (how excited am I about that!!!)
Seriously, this releasing tv into portable take-home packages has become some kind of weird phenomenon. I would love it, really...I mean, i watch my Sex and the City dvds all the time...but who can afford all of their favorite shows in the last 21 years?? yikes...stepping away from the internet's addicting, you's hard to just settle for a few of the best rather than grabbing every crappy show ever made because you think you can sort of remember a good part in some season sometime..he silly! though I have to admit, I do really want Nip/tuck...all the seasons eventually...I would say the OC, too...but...It's gone downhill...maybe the first season of OC...and Dawson's Creek...cuz dude, I loved that show....!! And this show called "Get Real" that didn't even last half a season..but it was good....they always cancel my fave shows...(Like "Freaks and geeks"...and "Life as we know it"..which are the only shows other than Sex and the City that I do happen to have on dvd and have watched billions of times). Geesh..I just meant to say the first sentence of this blog, but I got all carried show would you buy on dvd if you could only choose one??
(I'm not going to buy one....just wondering...)


Mandy said...

THIRD WATCH I have wanted that one since it ended three years ago I could watch that again and again since it is all about cops, fireman and paramedics hot hot have the first 5 season of ER and my sister has the first 5 of CSI Vegas....I will be happy when 3rd Watch comes out and more of ER.....=)

Michelle said...

oh yeah!! hey, I thought you said third watch came out a while ago?? or maybe that it was coming out...? I can't remember...see, they always cancel the best shows...=(