Friday, August 15, 2008

The Week is Over?

Uuuh...Wow! Busy week, dude. Where did it go?

So, my hubby works at the same studio with me now (yay!) but that means I actually take a lunch I guess I have to start blogging from home again!, work is crazy this week so there's been late nights and I caught up on some projects, finally, this week, on top of scouring mid-month movers and craigslist for desks so we can get our home work space in order. Whew! Got some tables, looking forward to garage-saling this weekend and setting up and finishing a painting and hopefully finally getting some Etsy goodness in the works. Oh my. Good thing hubby is still busy! poor guy, working 2 jobs + the freelance work he already had...Aww. Anyhoo - finished up my Red Velvet Kit pages, and I'll post em this weekend.

Annnd...the "Dress Your Nest" Dozens' kit is now up for sale! Dude - so excited to see what you guys make with my paper + stamp, one of my things I've designed to date! =) Happy weekend, all!


Kristen =) said...

You will have to let me know how that goes.... I would love to work my boyfriend but I would be scared to get sick of him....LOL JK

_Kine said...

I'm so excited for the Dozens kit! Happy Sunday! (what's left of it anyway) :)