Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dress My Nest!

He he....A little Dozens' sneaky for you:Yay! Lemme tell ya, this was some pretty fun paper to design! One sheet is all colored home-things cut-outs, and the other is an empty little home to put em all in! =) So fun! And then, of course, the coordinating owl stamp that all ties into the "Dress your nest" theme. Dude. I've been told it's a crafters dream....and this fab girl is the guest for the month, so, so excited - she always rocks the vintage with a comfy, homey feel. Here's another lil peek of the kit that debuts on the 15th - here's a little post with some important info on how to get one!So yummy. And, wow! The Red Velvet August gallery is up today...Dude! It rocks. You can see what Theresa, Marie, and our lovely guest Jen did with this month's awesome kit! Mine, of course, is still on its way up here to Canada...lol. I'm always last, thanks postman. lol....But you can bet as soon as it gets here, I'm jumping all over it and posting soon after!

Annnd...it was my turn to blog over at Pink Paislee today, whee! 'Tuesday Tip' day resulted in a simple but cute technique involving rub-ons and letter stickers. You can see the post with a mini 'how-to' right here, and this is the lil page I made (that's me! he he...):
It was so fun to scrap again - I haven't in weeks and it's so odd! lol...I wasn't that rusty, thank goodness, but the lovely desk situation meant it took me an hour, yes, an hour, to find the pictures I needed to scrap with. Argh. Work is nuts. I am having fun shopping and looking for cheap furniture, but we don't drive so its hard to collect the things we want...lol. And I get to buy myself a space-saving flat screen monitor, finally, too! Yay! =) That's about it...dying to go home tonight and paint and make stuff. That's where my heart is right now...=) Thanks for peeking, and happy day!


Mandi said...

Everything looks really awesome!!! :)

Kristen =) said...

Oh I just love this layout... and I am heading over to the Pink Paislee blog to learn all about that title... LOVE.


inara said...

gorgeous layout!!!

Niella {paperbutton} said...


Oh wow! Gorgeous papers:) You clever girl! *F U N*

lilibee said...

Every thing is so gorgeous!!looove the" dress your nest" stuff!

danilouwho said...

That paper looks so cool - especially the cut outs, such a great idea!

That kit looks yummy!

Love the idea over at Pink Paislee - I would have never thought of something like that!


shelly b said...

love your designs!!!

kerry lynn said...

i cannot wait to have all of that amazing michelle designed yumminess that in my hands.
the ideas are spinning!!

ARob said...


I have been reading your blog for a long time now, and I have always wondered about your scrap pages of you as a kid...Are you doing your life scrapbook? Are you keeping them or giving them to your mom? Are you all caught up on stuff from now? I am interested in the meaning to your method. :-) Thanks!!


Jules said...

Oh wow that is so adorable!

Dina said...

You are soooo talented. Love it all.

jen renee said...

wow, dude - your paper is TOTALLY RADICAL! amazing, really.

Amy said...

just awesome paper!! And I love the layout!!!

Jill Deiling said...

wow i loooove the new dozens sneak, that pp you designed looks so cool! Love your new lo too, its so fun and adorable!