Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gangly and other Randoms....

(Was too impatient to wait for my slow internet to upload these last here they be!)
My entry for Last Scrapper Standing Vol. 2 - Round 2.....whew! Made a lil mini album, wanted to take a break from pages, I guess...he he....anyways, the topic was "7 random things"...I think there are 88 people left standing right now....eeek!! Such a fun challenge...My randoms:

1) I wish I was one of those trendy punky sleeve-tattooed, faux hawk girls (cuz I am inside..he he)
2) My thoughts (against?) marriage...the whole page is randomly written
3) I have the heart of a traveller, want to live near a french antique market
4)Karma happy (i live be it)
5) It's hard for me to share (spelt it wrong, it says: Hard sharing is, like yoda would say meh
6) My arms are gangly and my hands are giant
7)by this time, there were randoms I wanted to use, so many I couldn't I just wrote "The purple elephant likes skull gumboots on friday morning tea breaks"...ha ha

...the book is a 7 Gypsies tag/swatch (?) book...I dyed the pages in walnut ink and splashed it around and painted and inked and had fun!
I am so random, I could've gone on and on making pages forever! (sigh) but, alas...I have more scrappin to do! Got some pink.sugar.pop done and am working away on my Scrapmuse kit for October...yeaah! More soon...=) Thanks for peeking! Happy day, everyone!


Nat said...

so so cool girl- you rocked this!!!!

Jennifer said...

oh girl, i love that little mini book like nothing else! dang girl!!! it pretty much rocks!!! so glad that i found your blog! have a FAB day!
-jennifer :)

Holly said...

That is just freakin' wonderful! I loooove it. :0)

Dina said...

Holy moly, this is really awesome!!

Lizee said...

omg michelle u'r always thinking outside the box!!

i love it!!!

i love ur 7th truly is random!!! i was like huh??????? LOL

Jill Deiling said...

this mini book is AWESOME!! love it! I love your new blog header too!!

Chrissy Le said...

LOVE it!! Awesome mini book!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous work here- you are so talented!

Michelle said...

I've decided that I was living under a rock this past week. I meant to be reading though. I always love your blog.

That mini book is adorable and the colors are perfect.xbepf