Tuesday, September 11, 2007


...what is a shmirate, you ask? Weelll...Tzanko and I had to think up a Bocce team name and it was totally our highlight of the morning when we invented this word, and I said it would be my blog title and totally forgot..heh. It's like a pirate...crossed with 'super' = super pirate! lol...anyways, the picture above is a postcard I bought in La Rochelle (in France...my fave little pirate town)...that I just found tonight...that made me think of the schmirate thing. =) You can find more of Mateo's art here...

...My internet is soooo slow it's driving me nuts, cuz both me and Z use it a lot, but it's so expensive and we're going to be searching for jobs soon...eek! So no upgrading for us just yet...I've been uploading pictures and have a ton of e-mails with attachments to send out, so I am seriously considering doing it all before work tommorrow, where it would take 30 minutes instead of 3 hours....argh! It literally took 2 and half hours to upload 60 pictures to order....grrr...sooo..I was so excited to be invited as a guest for the super-cool Valerie at Alt+Scrap this month, but it will probably be posted tommorrow...whoooo!!...and that is why!

What else? I'm trying to go for jogs in the morning, but it's getting so cold out in the am here that it's so hard to drag myself out of bed..plus, there's an abundance of skunks in the morning everywhere...scary!! Still working on my reel and my website on my lunch hours...there's not enough time in the day, man....However, there has been time to cook food..real food...that doesn't come from a can or a box!! Omigosh! Meatballs and potatoes!! I am still so amazed everytime I get to eat something homemade....can't wait to go visit my mom and my girls in Calgary soon!! Enough randomness for one night! hope everyone's great!!

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Michelle said...

Congrats on the alt-scrap guest designer! Did you apply for that? That's exciting. Love the postcard.