Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sneakie peekie

Whew....was there a weekend in there??
They go by way too fast, don't they?

....and what did I do? Hmmm...well, at work for the last few days I was working on what is going to be my website on my lunch hours...and then realzed the demo reel I made a few weeks ago when I went into school was horribly low quality, so I started doing that in Aftereffects on Friday...have to finish up soon cuz I only work for just over a month...yikes!! Yesterday, there was a bocce tournament that a few guys from Z's class found out about, so a group of us grabbed beer and a cooler and headed down to Jericho park...for anyone who doesn't know what Bocce is, it's an italian game where you basically throw/roll balls (similar to bowling balls) on the grass and try to get them closer together than those of the other team...pretty cool was an awesome sunny day and we were drunk before 1 o'clock, so it was great...we had to play 3 teams, and then we were cut from the competition..surprise, surprise...but we were feelin good, so it was to an after party = sleeping in today, and by the time we cleaned and got groceries it was like...supper time. And thus the weekend is gone..argh....I have a busy week of work, demo reel making, and scrapbook til then, a peek of what I've been working on....hope everyone had a cool weekend!


Nat said...

Love bocce (we call it bocchia- so I got it from oyur explanation!) It is a cool game to play along the ocean too!

Love your sneak - mmmmh - I wanna see more ;-)

Michelle said...

I made a film about a Bocce ball tournament! It was definitely fun. Sorry you have to remake your demo reel. Hopefully that will go quickly.

I think I have that strawberry fabric. Can't wait to see. Looks like a mini album. Those stamps should be arriving later today for me.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Made me smile. :)

Marie said...

That looks adorable! Cant wait to see the whole thing...Yes weekends do go by so fast...sigh.

Marie said...

Yes the banner is a ray cesar Love love love his work! If u havent checked it out go here....


You'll be glad u did. hehehe.

Mom said...

Glad you guys had fun on your night out - cannot beat bocce!!!