Saturday, June 16, 2007


..kay first MUMMY IS AWESOME! (and Wayne, too..Wayne's awesome, too.) She got me a brand new baby: Canon Powershot A570...I was getting a little mad with my old camera, and wanted a new one for France but didn't have enough extra she suprised me with one yesterday!! yay! Mom, you're the best! And thank goodness I had an older version of this camera, cuz I don;t even have to sift throught the giant manual, I got most of it figured out already! Yay! I'm excited about pictures again!

..and secondly..yummy scrapbook goodness! The Muse said today was the day to post our pages; so here they are. Everything is from the June kit; this kit was by far my most favorite yet!

This one is one of my faves...I wrote an article in the Scrapmuse newsletter this month on how to make your own Elsie-inspired doodle paper...and so I made my own doodle paper as a demo. =) So much fun!

This one is all about Z..and his coolness. He still had long hair when this pic was taken...=) now he just has short film scruff everywhere..=) he he...(hopefully he's not peeved that I posted this for the world to see) it's not a scary mushy-gushy page. =) he he...

My best grrls..=) Love that picture of Mandy and Melissa..=)

This one is all bout my fave songs..=) Thought the paper was perfect for painting journalling lines on...

I save cool clothing tags, even though I'm not much of a label fan..but I like some...=) So here they are!

This one is really, about nothing...I just wanted to play with stuff..he he..then realized that I sometimes need to make art just to make art, it doesn't matter what it's about. =) So the page is now about that...

This ones a yummy art journal page about remembering my first cd, the first time I heard Def leppard, etc.

..and thirdly; have you seen this Red Velvet Project kit??
I could not, not spoil myself a little with that. Vinatge stuff, robots, paint, and "Love, Elsie" come on! A girl needs a treat every once in a while...I think those kits rock so much that when Zingboom takes a much needed break in a few months (yay, Kristen! I'm sad about no Zingboom, but so happy for her to relax), Red Velvet may be my substitute til the Zing is back. =) If my monies let me, that is. Do I have a job in a month and a half? not yet..eek!

So that's all for today; I switched from MTv to Muchmusic today, cuz I simply stand the "Pimp my ride" marathon...there are people that are starving in this world and they have time and money to put 5 LCD tv screens in the trunk of a car and make the outside look gaudy as hell? Not for me. I'm workin...well, I was until the monthly upload-everywhere adventure began. =) back to it for me! Happy day! Hope everyone's weekend is cool!


Nat said...

you layouts are so funky and cool - I love what you did with the kit (yeah I know I told you a hundred times- but I just can't get over it - LOL)

Michelle said...

I love what you did with the Kits too. I saved them in my Book of Scraps for inspiration. Thanks!

a little about me and my life said...

girl you have been seriously rockin' the Love Elsie. Those layouts are amazing!