Thursday, June 14, 2007


...I have some sort of internal alarm clock!...after struggling to stay awake til 2:30...(and having some yummy McD's at 2 am, courtesy of Z) working, I totally passed out right away...and forgot to set the alarm...but woke up on my own amazingly...though I think it was just cuz I was sleeping in such a funny position..I literally woke up a few hours into sleep, thought, "this is comfy?" and passed out again. funny..he he..poor Z came over to work on his computer, ran into a bunch of problems, and didn't sleep a wink...=( least I can get 4 hours a night til I go...hopefully!! eek! Ahh, the life of animators. I swear, I am doing nothing in August. I am so hoping for just a week off between jobs! that would be a dream right now....=) It sucks working so much!

..but what can ya do? I got my plane ticket today! Yippee! and I'm waiting to hear bout my next job...and whether I'll have to do a mad job search when I get back...and my throat still hurts...argh...go away, impending cold! annnd. that's all....wishing Z speedy film-making...and me speedy-animating...I have to do 35 seconds by the end of Saturday to keep on track..and somehow pull a film out of thin air on Sunday....back to it!! Relax a little for me, hey? =) By that, I mean sleep in..I'm surprisingly awake and relaxed...happy day!

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mom said...

Did Z get done his freelance work? I hope so, cause he doesn't need that right now. Wishing you both speedy fingers!!