Sunday, June 17, 2007

I wasn't...

..going to blog today....but, a girl needs a break from being hunched over a computer working all day, and I found so many cute pictures today while working on this France slideshow thing...I just had to share proof that I am a beach girl at heart:

I love the water. The ocean. The sand...all of it. Seems this love of the ocean has grown with me. =) And those pigtails are so trademark...I have them in every picture there is of me for years and years (I like them, mom!) Also...feeling totally grateful for how cool life is right now. =) In the last few days I thought about what I would be doing if I hadn't moved here and taken a chance and I am so happy I did and that I am where I am today. =) And thanks for the cute comments, everyone! =) I'm off to start the busiest...well, err..I said this morning that this may well be the busiest week of my life, and Z said..naw..there will probably be a busier one...and then I thought, naw..I think that last week of making my film already set the record, there. Tons of errands, travel stuff, work, and slideshow finishing...then party on Friday for class 64 and I will be on my way to France! Eek! So

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mom said...

Love the pigtails!!! hee hee
Love the picture!!!
Hope you guys have fun friday night and that you fit everything in your tiny little suitcase.