Tuesday, June 19, 2007


..decided today it's best to pack everything for 3 weeks into one little suitcase..(my family is laughing right now)...cuz I usually bring a 70 pound suitcase to Calgary for a week..heh.

funniest headline I saw while waiting at the grocery store: "Babies alive on the Titanic!" subtitle - "how are they staying alive under there?". Serious. Do people actually buy the Enquirer still?? I mean, I'm all for a Us Weekly every once in a while..but babies living underwater for hundreds of year?? heh. There were pictures and everything. Good for a chuckle, anyways...

...work, work. I've been able to stay up til 3 every night so far this week and not even fall asleep at work - more importantly, actually wake up in time to get to work..yay! this = I am focused..which rocks..my driving force; party and Z on Friday. Yay! Off to work I go...and I leave you with a little peekie of my fave angel wings that I couldn't stop drawing on everything last weekend...=) happy night!

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