Wednesday, June 20, 2007


...I had to check that it was wednesday there for a second...I had an epiphany that I was screwed for a second there work-wise...and oh my, I did not want to get out of bed 3 hours of sleep ever! I was so sleepy last night...he he...almost done the France slideshow...everyone in the DRIMN group is e-mailing frantically, trying to figure out where we go once it turns out, if all my flights are on time, I get there with half an hour to spare to find my chaperone at the airport, get some allowance from them, grab a cab, and meet everyone for departure at 4 pm at a train station..ahh! hopefully all will go well..I was just thinking I still can't believe I'm going..I betcha I still won't when I'm there...he he...I'm kinda liking the amazing-race-like adventure it's gonna be when I get there, have tons of work to do...Friday is looking better and better...sleep for 8 hours..drinks...Z...drinks...hand drawn film screenings...drinks...did I mention drinks? lol..I haven't one out for a while, can ya tell?? lol..anyways...back to it...sorry for the picture-less ramblings...happy day!

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