Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Ever noticed you don't know how much stuff you really have until you have to put it all in boxes?? Or is that just me?

Stuff coming out of my ears!!

And I was reminded yesterday that animators shouldn't have a lot of "stuff", cuz they're supposed to be able to pick up and move to animate on feature films in other countries, cuz those oppurtunities are slim to none nowadays. And stuff gets in the way of that. (but it's also said that animators should be single for the same reason, and, well, that sucks!)

I want stuff, and I want to not be single forever. And, hell, after packing up all of this stuff, madly, in a's not goin anywhere but to my next apartment. I couldn't possibly part with all of my stuff!!

How can you make art with no collection of paper and paint and brushes to make it with? And how can you not have your own baby pictures? And an occasional pair of shoes you've never worn? and some pots and pans?

I like my stuff. And that's that.
It just really sucks to pack it.

And I'm still gonna be an animator. With stuff.

=) .....(just some taking-a-break-from-packing thoughts)

Also, took a little walk-break by the ocean today at work, and surfed the net a little, and still got like half my assigned scenes done. Who-ho! Animation rocks. =)


Mom said...

Sounds like your having fun with the packing!!

tzanko said...

: P