Monday, September 25, 2006


Akk. There's these people who live right above me who always feel like indulging in their abusive relationship at 4 in the morning. I've only heard them a few times, and I think it was cuz my window was open, but there is always tons of yelling, which is hard to hear over the indechipherable but obvious swearing, and the occasional crash and bang. What a nice way to wake up. And they scream so soooo loud, like....waiting to yell at 4 in the morning makes no friggin difference when your neighbours can still hear you, dumbasses. And why, I just can't seem to wrap my head around this, but why do people stay in these kinds of relationships?? It's like they enjoy screaming matches...I mean, I could see if it was just him yelling at her, that maybe she felt like she couldn't leave...but she yells right back at him. Sadistic, I tell you. What a waste of time. Argh! Sorry, had to just annoys the hell out of me that people put up with other people who have no respect for them.

Anyways, I came home so I could eat Shreddies and finish my board. I could eat cereal 24/7. K, well...not quite...but almost 24/7. =) And it is cable is cut...well, i still have some decent channels...buut...goodbye to Project Runway...and Flip this house..and Intervention...and Extreme makeover (which i only watch to get a good laugh...I am totally anti-plastic's just so funny how these dorky people think a new face will make them un-dorky)..and Miami Ink...and, yeah. All the channels I watch are gone...*sniff* Least i think I can still watch the OC. Which is going to suck this season. And I think Grey's, but I was so sad after last season's finale, I dunno if I even wanna watch...he he....anyways. Time to watch tv? What hopeful am almost done my storyboard, which i feel like ripping into a million pieces so i don't have to revise it anymore..I mean, I haven't had to revise much..but I'm so slow! And I still have yet to do my character designs and leica reel for, I have to catch up on weiner lip sync, and start layout, and my boyfriend is coming to visit, so that totally chops into my time, but in a good way...=) And my back is good, I woke up on Sunday surprisingly in no pain at all...just have to go back a few times for the next few weeks and I should be all good....anyways, off to work I go. =) Night!


Mom said...

Hey Girlie - Sounds like your doing good!! Other than the lack of sleep which seems to happen whether you choose to stay up and work, or go to bed and listen to the neighbors!! You sound like you are getting lots done - yah, that means more time for you and Paul!!!

Emy Jo said...

cereal is my lover.