Saturday, September 23, 2006

adjustments...err, inconveniences

Sooo...went to the chiropractor today, and he said I was doin good...only a few more bi-weekly visits then just maintenance, cuz i caught it early..(whew)....but then told me that he was gonna do three major adjustments to the shoulder/hip areas, and implied that it may be a lil sore afterwards...and I was like...naw, it hasn't hurt then I proceed to go to safeway on the way home and lug a giant box of frozen chicken and some other stuff (they had major sales goin on..had to stock up) uphill to my place, and I felt fine, til i left for work, and my hip, the one he was trying to get back in the right place, was totally hurting everytime I took a step...I mean, not intense pain, but enough to make me not wanna put all my weight on that side....and all my upper leg muscles were totally tense...and the clincher is, I started going for jogs last week, so the muscles on the front of both my chins and ankles are all sore, here I am, feeling like I'm hobbling like an old lady, walking fairly slowly, uphill and downhill all the way to and back from west van to which I had to learn how to use a new computer till with line-ups of people waiting for me...and scooping ice cream with the arm/shoulder, that he said may be sore, for 4 hours. Ouch. But really, this must be good, cuz if my hip feels different, that must mean it's in the right spot now..ha ha...So anyways, my day really was good, lol....despite the soreness....After all, I got to eat a few awesome chocolates, i got Newfoundglory's new cd, and am lovin it...I'm sure I've been playing it for at least 3 hours...actually got to eat a meal that i made here, at my house...which doesn't happen often anymore...(school..argh)...and was reminded that the Little Mermaid is coming out on October 3!!! =) and cleaned kinda obsessively for a bit...and now, I get to do homework....buuut..i have to agree with Kelly that final film is fun at the moment, even though i will not be sleeping much this it's fun homework...=) That's all...akk..I'm scared to get up from the chair i'm in, must hobble to the couch...Hope everyone's weekend's goin good..=)


mandy said...

hey there...i know how you feel about the hobble old dad wanted me to come for a walk yesterday...well i thought it would be a couple of kms at most it had to be at least 10 kms one i feel like a hobble old lady is the last time i go for "a walk" with my know what i'm getting for a tattoo....10 days till i go to

Michelle said...

yay!! when are you leaving?? I'll make sure I call ya before then...!! =) and what tatoo do ya want?

Mom said...

Your getting old girl!!!!
Hee Hee!!
It will get better - hope you survived - you should have eaten more chocolate!!!

Cady said...

Wait - fun?
I don't remember saying that. ^_^
Keep looking after yourself, Michelle! Unless you want to face 'udder' chaos!
Bwa ha ha ha!
Nice little interjection there, huh?
Take care, and I'll see you tomorrow!
-Cady (Kelly)

Michelle said...

he said it was fun on your is fun...=)