Thursday, September 07, 2006

good day...=)

Today was a pretty good day, I have to say. Woke up well-rested, despite having slept through/hit snooze for 2 hours, which really usually makes me more tired...Planned the rest of my animation this morning...Then we all hung out and talked to Moose (my animation teacher) for a few hours, and he showed us some awesome films, as usual, and gave us an awesome model pack, as usual. Then we got some marks back; the infamous character pack, which I had not completely finished, but did awesome on anyways. Yay! And then I got an animation project back, which i thought was the worst one I'd done yet, and I was happily surprised cuz it was one of the better ones, apparantly. And, today, while we were talking in class, I actually drew stuff by my own free will. Ha, that sounds wrong, what I mean is; before I started school, I had truthfully not drawn in about 6 months, and then, I got here, and it was like learning a whole different way to draw, anyways, so I was just drawing the stuff I was being assigned to draw. That's all i had time to draw, anyways...and barely at that....So I actually just doodled for the fun of it today...which was kind of like...something clicked (finally)...I'm back into it...which sounds even funnier cuz I've been here for 6 anyways, then i sat down to animate, and it was going fast and well and everything i tried worked, so i put a big dent in the project. Ahhh..and it's still pretty early. This having-extra-time-this-week thing is starting to freak me there something I am forgetting to do? I know there's stuff I should probably be doing...guess it'll catch up to me for now, ahhhhh...zen moment. =) Good night!

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Mom said...

Enjoy it girl!!!! I don't think your free time is going to last too, too long!!! But have fun!!