Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So much for me being caught up by the end of last week...ha's almost the end of this week...!! Buuut...all we have for class right now is animation, and I can be there all day saturday, too, so it'll happen. I keep trying to finish, but, having not planned my animation very well because of lack of time, and trying to animate unplanned things I have never animated before (which is much like walking around in the dark and tripping all over a million obstacles), I figured, instead of wasting time being frustrated, I can go home, act the stuff out, thumbnail like crazy, and I will be prepared tommorrow to finish the 1 project I have left from last term. And 1 is not so bad. =) (sigh) wish me luck! I need to finish so i can re-fuel before film starts! We have our first production meetings next week! akkk!

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Mom said...

1 project - I think that is the least you have had all year!! hee hee!!
Sound busy but under control!! Film - next week - so exciting!!!