Tuesday, September 05, 2006

evolution of cow...

This is my cow. Well, my work in progress cow. (you'll have to scuse me, I don't have a scanner...the pictures are kinda funky). The clean drawing on the bottom was done about 3 months ago now, when my story kinda popped into my head, and, now realizing how crazy film really is, I am totally trying to simplify cow so that my film actually gets done. Sooo...the top drawing was quickly scribbled today, after I finished (ha ha) my storyboard...hmm...a reflection of my mood, perhaps? and, Hmmm...how ironic that they both have the same expression?....lol.....Sooo...I have a little while to decide what cow actually looks like for sure, and then design her world, and then finish a board that I can't change. Because after doing that one today in a mad rush, I realized how unplanned it really was, and want to change the whole thing. But I will resist the urge....I will never ever get anything done if I do that!! Still trying to catch up on my third term stuff, so I gotta go draw more! =) At least ya know what I scribbled all day now. =)

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Mom said...

Love the Cow!!! And the quick drawing!!