Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Little Bubbly Shnooks

I am listening to soulful Azure Ray this morning as I work on some scenes here in the studio. :) I'm also enjoying this artsy-job post on Elsie's Blog during renders - so insightful. Feeling a tad stifled juggling the 9-5 job and the fun stuff, in general right now, though the job is fun stuff, too! I loves my job! I also loves staying home in pj's drawing all day, though...he he. It always gets tedious near the end of a contract, for me...I struggle to stay focused on the show I'm on, and not on all the side projects that have been pushed to the back-burner for the 6-months I've been working on the show. Struggle with general scatter-brain-ness. Struggle with worry and relief - happy to have some days off, but scary to have no steady money coming in, etc. etc. You know what I mean, if you work an unsteady artsy

Elsie's post made me happy and feel in good company. :) Its fun and exhilarating and still a little frightening because I've only been doing this animation-world + freelance design thing for about...just under 2 years now. Eeep! Not long enough to have settled into the inconsistency of it all, yet. That said, I'm so thankful for artsy jobs, also, and for the choice it will bring me in the new year that's coming soon. Soon? Yikes! When did that creep up on us? Anyhoo - enough of that serious career mumbo-jumbo, I know I'll feel centered soon.... :) On to my current spare-time fun stuff: Bubbly Shnooks!

First off, a little peek at the colorful goodness the shop has become as of late:
This colorful mosaic makes me so happy! :) And I think this will make you happy - a chance to win some free paper goodies! The lovely Vancouver-based (and one of my fave Etsy shops!) Tiny Fig is hosting a Bubbly Shnooks giveaway over on her blog, Sweet Figments. Just head on over there, peek around in the Bubbly Shnooks shop and pick one of your favorite things, and leave a comment about the goodie you love on the blog post. You have until October 28th to enter - at which time a random number generator will pick a winner and somebody will win their favorite thing! :) Yay! Hop on over there right now!

Hmm. What else? Oh! A big "Thank-you" to Studio71 for featuring the Anxious Woodsman on her blog here. :) (That woodsman just loves all the attention! he he).

I just sent a new shop newsletter out, as well. Starting November first, there will be deals and special offers being sent out via that newsletter, so if you want to get in on the action, sign up for it here (on the side of the blog) or e-mail me to be added. You can also e-mail me if you'd like to be forwarded a copy of the newsletter if you missed it:

Some fun new paper tags I had fun making that are now up in the shop:And you may have also noticed that my super-talented hubby has guest-designed some pen and bristol board prints for the shop ( can bet they'll be made into paper tags very soon, too! :) I'm dying to scrapbook with these tough guys!). Love em! they're currently available only as 8 x 10 prints - of which the detail is amazing (thank you, new Epson) - but will be 5 x 7's very. very soon.

And what's next? Christmas!!'s sneaking up on me! Watch for earrings, more paper tags, embroidery patterns, christmas card packs, stickers...tons more! And a Christmas deal or two, too! :) Thanks for popping in, today! :)


Cass said...

Love the new "Touch the Rainbow - Brights - Set of 8 Illustrated Paper Tags". So cheerful! :)

Jingle said...

How much fun is that pouty pirate!?! Love him!

stephanie said...

more tags for me to buy! i havent used the other 2 sets yet!

Funky Finds said...

his artwork would be so fun to embroider!!! jessica

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i am so fascinated with the colors of your goodies!

Mexx said...

o i just love your stuff and your blog it is so wicked cool love it keep going girl