Friday, August 08, 2008

Random Friday

Uhh, you ever notice how you choose the same colors from scratch that you love? Odd. I'm insanely teased by the Hills trailers - seen em? Oooh..can't wait for the new season! My hand is aching from drawing, but it's cool...cuz I was drawing. =) Can't stop listening to "Rock your Soul" and "Almost Lover" (see below in the player - and yes, I know the Kate Nash song is totally mislabelled and some of the songs haven't been loading. Argh, Totally in love with gushy-but-romantic-sounds-tragic indie songstresses. Aching to take a class of some sort - feel the need to hone my skills in some kind of Would it be odd to take a class in the software I work on everyday? lol...want to. I've really only been working with it for 8 month or so, I'd be cool to learn more. I'm having fun buying things from Etsy for hubby's upcoming birthday...also, searching for desks and shelves to rearrange the house with (so fun - It's been ages since I indulged in home decor stuff, mainly cuz my budget doesn't allow it anymore...but I am suddenly obsessed with mermaids and pirates for the bathroom) so I've been scouring craigslist and hoping for time to hit up second-hand stores. =) Yay!

That's about it, today...No Tuf City picture blogging time today - must finish up some freelance design stuff on my lunch break right now. Soon, promise! Just had to stop in and say hi and get some random things down. =) Soo happy its Friday! Looking forward to a weekend of crafting - painting, scrapbooking, drawing + some Etsy store organization to do this weekend. Yay! There will be jammies, ice cream, and walks in the sunshine, too! =) Happy weekend - whatever's in store for you!

I leave you with this:(A little bunny loves I ran across in my Etsy travels yesterday - it makes me smile...=) It's a print from danitashop on Etsy, you can find it here!)

Oh, oh! I also love this from the same shop - it has such a Daria feel to it...yummy!

More soon! =)


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday and weekend to you both!!! I think a class is a great idea - but you know me - can't get enough of that kinda stuff.

Kristen =) said...

Love your Randoms.

I have lurked here for some time...

I finally decided that I should say Hi and I love your blog.....especially the design.

Cool Etsy shop too I will be adding it to my Favorites.

metrochic said...

holy smokes! i LOVE that print! thanks for sharing it!

also, my comment mod word is "stooty", which makes me giggle.

happy weekend!

Danita said...

Oh thanks a lot for the spotlight!!! Your blog is lovely!

Michelle said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Nothing wrong with wanting to know more about the program you're working with. That is often the case for me too! Good luck with your deadlines!

Beth Perry said...

I think the mermaids/pirates idea is a cute idea for bathroom deco. can't wait to see what you do..take lots of pics! lol

Have a good weekend!

MeganK said...

I can't wait for the Hills either? It's sad that we get sucked into these psuedoreality shows...but I love it!

_Kine said...

Wow, that shop has some awesome stuff. I was really into Daria (and Beavis and Butthead too, for that matter :P) when I was younger. How hott was Trent? Lol. Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

katie said...

so speaking of random... What's it like living in Canada? My husband is seriously considering moving there soon. (obviously I'd go with.) but I told him i'd ask... Is it worth it to move there? My family us all moving to southern Washington. So we'd probably move to Vancouver or somewhere close to the border...

Okay, enough with the random ramblings.

Those etsy shops are awesome! Can't wait to see your new design stuff for the dozens.