Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh my Dude....

You guys rock. ;) I just noticed that the "Dress My Nest" kit is sold out! In like 5 days?? Sweeet. I'm so excited to get this lil baby in the mail and to see what everyone makes with The Dozens loveliness + a lil of my drawings. Stay tuned very soon to see what everyone makes!

And this lil picture is of the Mini Kit called "Mini Dress" (such a cute name!) Anyway, if you're jonesing for an owl stamp (I've had a few people inquire...) and some yummy house stuff, there are still a few left so make sure you grab it before the limited edition stamps + paper are gone!

And kudos to Rachel for posting some of my new Red Velvet pages over on the blog...=) The girls' pages are up there, too! Yay! Sneak peeks for the September kit coming there, soon! Stay tuned! I'm so excited....=) Annd I'm so happy to say; Z is almost unbusy, work has settled down and I don't have to get up with the sun nor pass any deadlines, I finished the monster painting (so stay tuned for a sneak peek of that this weekend!), I have ideas just pouring out of me and I'm looking forward to a sunny productive supa-fun weekend of making stuff to my hearts content and seeing some indie animation. It's Friday, its payday, its nice out. Duuude. Doesn't get much better than that - happy weekend all!

Oh! And thanks for the sweet comments and a few questions - will be answering and saying hi this weekend, hopefully! =) Hugs!


NoraAnne said...

What an awesome kit...I'm not surprised it sold out so fast!

pinkcherrymama said...

i love your blog! and i love the way you customizeed your sidebar titles...i am so computer challenged it's not even funny, but i guess i get by...lovely scrapbook layouts, so inspiring!

Michelle said...

I came home to the kit last night and made me so happy. I had a super rough day and it really made me smile. So thanks. The paper is nice quality too! I have to play with it before I leave (10 days).

Glad that you get to have fun this weekend. And I'm glad that its calming down enough that you don't have to get up before the sun. I hope it stays plenty busy for the both of you at your work!

Beth Perry said...

I sooo can not wait to get my kit in the mail! Yay!