Monday, July 21, 2008

Tofino Happenings: Part One

Okay, peeps! Whew...finally got pictures from Tofino sorted out! (I know our mom's want to see em..he he). Anyway, I narrowed em down a lot and kept the good, good ones...and I have no craftiness that I can share from the weekend, So here's our trip (can't remember if I blogged these first pictures or, sorry if it's a repeat!):

We start off with the way we got to Vancouver Island - float plane. It takes about 6 1/2 hours by bus, so we thought we'd splurge and we'd both never been on a float plane before, so this is what the dock looked like...(oh! And Z's camera has funny automatic light settings, so these look really overexposed, but kind of acid-washed, likey) Our little crew and passengers walking toward our plane...sooo much more fun then waiting in a stuffy airport! That's me with the giant backpack!
My hubby....he was sooo excited bout the plane! he he...There were about 8 passengers, and when we got in the pilot was like, "I need someone to come sit up front with me", and Z was like "Ooh! Me! Me!" and raced up So fun! The flight was awesome, they fly pretty low, so we could check out the ocean and see to the bottom and was loud and a little bumpy, but cool! The view from Z's front seat:
And the dock as we land on the water in Tofino...Yay!
I forgot the rest of the pictures at home (doh!...) So I'll post em as soon as I can this week!

And thanks to Katie for this peek of my projects at CHA on the Freehand Scraps Blog! he was funny to see me 'there' It's also so fun to see peeks from CHA popping up all over! yay!

Annnd...scrap goodies coming from me soon! I have my Dozens' kit and the Paper Minx kit to play with. I got a biiig shipment of shipping supplies for my etsy store today, thinking I would have time to work on that this month (not!) and I are both overwhelmed with projects - he has 3 different projects to animate/test on, and I have designs to finish and draw, projects to finish sewing, kits to use, haircuts to get, etc. etc. before we rush off to Calgary and then the weekend after that, Victoria. Whew!

We did have a good weekend, and we took some minutes off to go for walks in the sun, check out the baby raccoons, watch Batman Begins (we're both dying to see the new Batman! Eeek!) and Charlie Bartlett (so funny!) and eat popcorn...yum! I even went shoes-for-the-wedding shopping! =) Oh, and our walls have been ripped open, I totally jinxed us...and the water's tasted like new plastic pipes and sometimes doesn't get hot for 20 minutes on the hot-as-it-can-go setting. Argh. Having a shower has not been fun! So, that about sums up the world of Michelle for today; I feel like I will be constantly busy until halfway through, you know, fun busy. =) And I can't wait to see my friends and go to Melissa's wedding and hug my family in like, 4 days! Yay! Happy Monday, everyone!


Holly said...

You are WAY more brave than I am. I hate flying, and there is no way in hell someone is getting me on a little bitty float plane! LOL! Glad you had a good time, though. :0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday - we can't wait to see you. Will call you tonight. We were so busy on the weekend - houseful of company both days & nights!!!
Love the pictures!!!

Jill Deiling said...

ooo i love the pics, it looks beautiful!
im sorry to hear about your walls and pipes, i hope you get things fixed soon! that would be awful :(
i cant wait to see your new projects! :D

Sandrine Deleuze said...

WAOW ! Wonderful pictures !! Michelle, please visit my blog because I have offered you an award ;-) !!! I'm impatient to read you ! Smooches

Aimee said...

that is so cool! looks like you guys had a blast. what a fun thing to splurge on. i gotta talk my hubs into doing something like that.

can't wait to see the goodness from the kit ;)


Michelle said...

Loved seeing the photos from Tofino. I'm so jealous that you are going to Calgary and Victoria. I went to Victoria & Vancouver when I was 8 or 10 and thought it was just lovely. And I went shoe shopping yeterday. How funny that we did that so close together. :D Sorry to read about your pipes.

Marie said...

Ohhhh girlie how fun!!!! I just looked at your pics on flickr they are beautiful! You are always so busy i dont know of a time when you arent! I hope your water thing gets fixed soon!

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Gorgeous photos Michelle:)

*E N J O Y* yourselves!

Diana Cornielle said...

Michelle I saw your pictures you posted on flickr and left you some comments there. These pictures are so amazing. I envied I bet it was an unforgettable experience. Have a nice day.

kerry lynn said...

oh it looks stunning & quiet and perfect. glad you had a great time!
and i got to see your projects up close at cha. love seeing it irl. such details sweets!!