Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just broke 50, o00 hits here yesterday, since the beginning of this little ol blog (okay, not the beginning....the counter wasn't there at first). But, Wowza! So a shout-out to all you fab readers who stop by and have been stopping by now for a while! I love ya! =)

Annnd...wow. I have nothing crafty to share with you today! Nor have I edited Tofino pictures...lol. Argh. Last night I had to clean out the whole entire bathroom, as there are construction dudes coming in and ripping open our walls today/this week. They're re-piping the whole building that we live in, so our kitchen and bathroom will be a mess....as are all the hallways and pipes in the rest of the building. But, fortunately, its helping us with the super-extra-late-spring-cleaning...because we are now forced to empty the cupboards and go, "Wow, why do I have all these bubble baths and shower gels I don't use?" and give away and wipe clean and regroup.

I absolutely hate the 'waiting' part of things - if we're organizing/cleaning/rearranging the house, I want it all done now - I don't want it done in little bits. I've always been like that...We're planning on getting desks and moving things around at home, and I want desks now! But we have to wait/find some, so I just have to deal...I'm doing quite well with it, actually...lol. Because A) who wants to clean in the first place? and B) the construction dudes would just mess up my clean house, anyway. lol...It just drives me and I feel claustrophobic and unorganized and cluttered, though. But I'm excited that Z and I will have more work space...and we can finally make the bathroom all lovely when we more goodies back in there. 22 days til they're done construction, hopefully...yay! Than I will feel centered and happy in my living space again once we're all set and finished. =)

There was talk of moving, too, into a bigger place...which would be amazing!! But it's just not in the cards right now, I think...I like our little place for now. And it lets me put any extra I would be putting on rent onto my school loans, which was the whole purpose of moving to a studio in the first place. Feeling really good about the dent in my loan its helped me with, so hopefully next year sometime Z and I can move up and out and into a place with more than one room...lol. We're still fresh out of school, technically....I'm cool with working our way up!

Holy, words today, batman! So anyway, that's why I have nothing crafty to share - I had to clean last night. I have to draw and catch up on some design work, digi stuff, and sewing before we go to Calgary in a few weeks...yay! So tonight should be fun - and Z is busy animating up a storm, I think he's actually busier than me this week! he he...

So I leave you with a peek of The Dozens' yummy kit that will be debuting on the 16th:
Yay! Hope all is well, everyone! =)


Donna. said...

THAT PEEK IS AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see more!

Good luck with the re-piping. Hopefully they'll be done soon.

Michelle said...

Ooh that is a fun peek. I can count on you to show me so I don't have to actually click on the link. Teehee.

So you get claustrophobic huh? I do more too as I get older. Never had a problem until I got tall and almost out of high school. Going to Calgary for a family visit? That should be tons of fun! And good job for paying off student loans. :D

NoraAnne said...

The Dozens kit looks awesome! I just discovered your blog through Pink Paislee and I just love your work! I am also loving the music on your blog : )
I lifted your owl card, I thought it was so cute when I saw it so I made one of my own, changed it up a bit, but the idea was from yours! Thanks for the inspiration! I can't wait to see some more of your creations!

Tonya said...

Woo Hoo. That's a lot of visitors.

I have a blog award for you on my blog. If you want to check it out. That is if you aren't too busy :)

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Hi Michelle:)

Congrats on A L L those hits!! Wow:) Well deserved though..you are so creative and so so SO clever!

Annnnd, thanks for the SP, that kit (and all the others) are always so divine...talk about
E Y E C A N D Y:)

Judy Evans said...

50,000! That's awesome - Congratulations!!! You've got a great blog - thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

Congrats on the blog hits! Sorry to hear about the re-model mess. That sounds like no fun at all. Plus, I really would bug out at having construction workers in and out of my living space all of the time. Oh, well...only 22 more days, right? LOL!

heather rene said...

Holy fruit salad, Batman, your work is amazing!!! I think you just may be my new hero. Congrats on the blog hits- that's a fantastic accomplishment. And the sneakie-peekies always make me drool just a little bit onto my keyboard. (: