Monday, July 14, 2008

Drumroll, please...and notepads!

And the winner of the Paislee blog hop
(randomnly selected, of course):
Chloe said...
Bit of a cardie myself so I am totally besotted with this darn cute little owl card you've created Michelle! The new Pink Paislee products are gorgeous! How lucky are you to have played with them already!!!

Yay! Congrads, girl! Please e-mail your name and address and all that good stuff to me: (Sorry, I'm a tad bit late in posting can check out Paislee's post, too, to see the other winners/see if you're one of them! lol...)

Speaking of Pink Paislee, check out the peeks of 2 other lines that are being released just after CHA - they are so yummy!

Oh! And there's a new friend in my Etsy shop today: a monster notepad - yay! I'm so excited about these guys! They're pretty big - 4.25 x 5.5 inches, and sooo fun and bright! There's only 10-12 of them until (if) I do another printing so check em out here if you're interested! There will be more designs in the future, too..they're such fun to make! =)
This weekend was fun - lotsa work time for me yesterday while Z was working on some animation deadline stuff....most of it was spent cutting out some of the sewing I have to do this week, and then I played with/tested some shrink plastic:

And then Z did, too...he he...he made little monsters that stand up on their own (a boy of my own heart, or what?...)
Annnd...there was some beach time, too, lounging, talking...very relaxing. =) We saw more baby raccoons, and of course we didn't have the camera! lol..anyway, I've been working on some more new products for the shop, which hopefully will be out this printer decided to close on weekends, now, and are open very short hours during the week - argh! I have like a 10 minute window before they close that I can make it there if I race home! lol...we'll see. Anyway, happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

You two are quite the pair. Loving the monster's - Z's is so cute.

Donna. said...

How cute are those monsters?!?!? Love Z's monster! Very cute!

Holly said...

Those shrinky-dink monsters are fab! And, I love your little monster notepad! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Hiii Michelle:)

I love, really love your monsters..they are so fun!!

You are so gifted...and I love reading your daily adventures:)

Annnd, congrats to Chloe!

Happy day back at ya from NZ:)

katie said...

gah! you're too cute! i love the notepad! i'll {probably} being buying one soon. :) and your shrinky monsters are awesome! so cute and tiny! you should make some and put pins on the back and attach them to your clothes or whatev!

Michelle said...

Love the note pad. Just gorgeous! The shrink wrap dino is super cute too. Sorry to hear about the printers closing on weekends now. YUCK!

SABINA said...

Congrats Chloe!! And Michelle - those monsters are SOOO cute!! Looove the monster note pad you made - really fab!

believe_in_magic said...

YAAAAYYY! I just got your monster stamp in the mail yesterday and we have already formed a deep bond of friendship. I spent most of my evening stamping him all over a piece of paper and coloring him with every different combination I could think of.

By the way, my husband is wildly impressed with your creativity. He was like "she MADE that stamp?!" and I told him you designed it, but probably did not fabricate it and he was still floored. :D

Thanks again!!!!!!!

Jules said...

OMG those are so freaken cute!

I am... said...

tooo cute.
you should make monster shrinky earrings :D

and those notepads, are on my "to buy list" :D

love your work, xx

Half-an-Acre said...

we have shrinkles in the UK but there are flat! i haven't seen those 3d ones before - i love them! i'd like some for my boys!! can you get them from Amazon?
found your link in the etsy forums!