Tuesday, July 01, 2008


...back in town, grudgingly...(he he)...we spent all day yesterday on a bus, a ferry, and then another bus and here we are - back in downtown Van. It was so wonderful - the place we stayed, little Tofino, the beaches, the yummy food, not working....Ahhh...We didn't weant to come home! And it seems super-loud here compared to the quiet streets and seagull-less beaches of such a little town!

Pictures and stories will be posted from the long weekend, soon...I have yet to see what we took and how many we took! lol...hopefully there's some good ones! I can't wait to see em tonight!

Annnd Happy Canada day to my Canadian readers! Hope you all had an awesome long weekend, sort of...Tuesday is a weird day to have off, no? Work swapped Monday for today as our day off, so everyone is working here at work today in leiu of yesterday. Yay! But it was really weird walking to work in the empty streets of Van, knowing lotsa people got to sleep in today...bummer. lol..

And thanks for the lovely monster comments, everyone! I'm over the moon that you guys like my monsters, and its so fun to see new faces commenting, too! Yay! I'll be by to blog-visit when I have a sec to catch up on projects and wade through some e-mails. And keep leaving em right here if you haven't, already! There's a few more days left!

For now, I leave ya with some exciting Paislee news - a blog party! As the scrapbookers who read this lil blog know, CHA is but a few weeks away, which means yummy new releases all around! Check out the blog here for the Blog party details, the first peek, and giveaways abound in the weeks to come! Yay! Happy day, guys!


alittlebitofscrap said...

Happy Canada day! Sounds like you had a good one. Our Independence Day, July 4th is on Friday and we all get the day off.. Yay! for long weekends!
I like monsters.. just wouldn't know what to do with 'em, so I didn't comment... but wanted to ask.. have you ever been over to http://344design.typepad.com/344_loves_you/
I like watching him draw his monsters.. I sometimes submit little stories :)

I hope the rest of your week is nice and sunny!

Phoebe said...

I'm so excited about the Pink Paislee blog party and peeks, too!! I can't believe it's CHA time again!! Love the new alpha!! Can't wait to see more!! :-)

Michelle said...

I hate going to work when I know everyone is sleeping in. But you got to have a longer weekend because of it. So happy belated Canada day!