Thursday, June 26, 2008

Annnd...we're off!

Tomorrow soon as this dreaded long day is done!
Whee!! Who's excited? Me! Me!

We're both excited! Tzanko and I have never been anywhere on a 'holiday' before - can you believe that? I mean, we've been to Calgary and such - but it's always go go go...and I know not everybody gets to travel it's really not so bad. But, as my mom said, we deserve it! "It's been a busy year and a half" It has, dude! We are in dire need of a break. We are flying out to Tofino tomorrow via float cool is that?
I hope ours is red...he he. =) And then we're taking the bus back on Monday. There will be many pictures. It's supposed to be nice and hot. Craftiness of any sort is banned. Work is banned. (Cept we both agreed there must be sketchbooks...he he). We're both still like, "what will we do for days without computers and projects?" lol...I can't wait to see Long Beach and our Bed & Breakfast suite! I can't wait to have no alarm and eat ice cream and go out for dinner in my new clothes. Yay!

Speaking of needing a break - I went shoe shopping yesterday and left my shopping bag of brand new shoes in another store! Ohmyword...My lovely checkered Vans would have been long gone had I not raced back to one of 5 shoes stores I stopped in to find them Whew! I thought I lost my sunglasses, too, and they ended up being in the bottom of my bottomless pit purse....Absentminded, much? lol..

I still have lots to do tonight, of course...which will make the break seem that much sweeter - gotta throw some packing and things in a backpack, clean house, finish up some last minute due-when-I-get-back projects...I was up til 2 yesterday finishing most of them..whew! Laundry. Dishes. Blah! Glad time will not matter this weekend. =)

Anyway, happy long weekend to you and yours! =)
See you on the flipside...


Donna. said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Cannot wait to see pics.

Meg said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

believe_in_magic said...

Didn't you know, checkered Vans have a tracking device built in so that once purchased they are always retrievable by their owner? It's a fact.

Another fact: all the girls in my wedding wore turquoise/red printed Vans with their dresses. It was a rather bi-polar wedding since we didn't even try to reconcile his uber-European style with my bohemian roots. Mwahahaha, just let it flow.

Have a super awesome vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Know you guys will have a wonderful time - and can't wait to see all the pictures!!

_Kine said...

Have a *wonderful* getaway!! It's much needed and I'm sure you will come back super refreshed!
Oh, and I found skull vans on ebay and took them for a spin to see nofx =)

kerry lynn said...

ahhhh... so jealous!!
have a happy holiday!!